Are you suffering discomfort in any way from the cycling shoes you are wearing? Whether that is numbness, tingling, burning or a pressure point sensation, then changing to a correct fitting shoe is fundamental. The connection our feet has with the bike is one of the most crucial links when trying to reduce injury, improve stability and power. This fundamentally starts with the correct fitting shoe.

Selecting a correct fitting shoe is therefore the foundation in supporting a stable connection with the bike. Selecting the correct shoe can be a dynamic decision, foot shape, width and size can all dictate what brand is best suited for you. This is why we have introduced our shoe fitting service.

We take a range of intricate measurements and choice a brand, shape, and size of shoe that is best suited for you.

(This service is also provided within our full bike fit)

What Brands We Supply?

The cycling shoe industry is full of brands that produce shoes to suit the aesthetics of an audience and although these brands do fit some people it shouldn’t be assumed they fit will fit everyone. The issue is that so many of these brands do not provide the diverse range of shapes and widths needed to support everyone’s feet. This is where Lake Cycling shoes are born. A brand that was designed with bike fitters at heart. Their diverse shapes & sizes, moldeability and varied price range means there is always a show that fits you.


Using this service to purchase a new set of shoes through us? Then this service includes no additional cost. Found shoes elsewhere or thinking of purchasing elsewhere? No worries, we charge a £50 service fee to provide you with all the information needed to make the correct purchase.