We are really excited to be UK stockist of INFINITY bike seats. A unique saddle which is designed to relieve sit bone pressure and prevent saddle discomfort for all riding styles and disciplines. We know that one saddle doesn’t fit all but this adds to our saddle line-up ready to find the best one for you.

The Science Behind INFINITY Seats

The revolutionary Infinity bike seat was founded by Dr. Vince Marcel who is a chiropractor, nutritionist, certified bike fitter, inventor and life-long cycling enthusiast. In 2012, a break through in design was made when a training injury allowed time to work on the new invention and create an extraordinarily comfortable bicycle seat.

The Infinity bike seat not only protects your sensitive perineum/pubic-bone area, but completely relieves sit-bone pressure as well. Rather than smashing those areas like a conventional bike seat does, the Infinity Seat moves the anatomical contact outward—to areas that are less sensitive to compression, and more capable of “providing their own padding”. The result is a much more comfortable ride with far less chance of developing saddle sores, genital numbness, impotence or even sterility.

Infinity seat range

Although we offer a range of saddles from a variety of brands during all our fitting sessions, we understand that there is always the need to provide a more versatile saddle selection. Click the link below to see the full Infinity bike seat range on our online store.